- Creating and Manifesting a Vision

Behind the face of a Spanish colonial house in the heart of a small city on the Yucatan Peninsula lies a peaceful oasis for the healthy traveler.  This garden of tranquility was created by Beate and Paul Epp, two Saskatchewan farmers who had a dream, turned it into a vision, which they followed to create an ongoing unfolding reality.

I met Beate and Paul on my recent trip to Mexico.  My family stumbled upon their site, www.casaaxismundi.com, which led to an extended stay at their vegan bed and breakfast – a centre of creativity, physical, and spiritual healing in the town of Valladolid.  Beate and Paul have spent the last fifteen years developing their healing lifestyle.  They changed their eating habits, studied alternative healing practices, focused on personal and spiritual development, and turned their traditional family farm into an organic farm, with an emphasis on respecting the earth and having a relationship with the food that grows from it.

Their recent move to Mexico is the latest stage of their unfolding vision.  They took the plunge, purchasing their residence/ B & B in the city of Valladolid as well as a property in the countryside nearby, where they will be able to develop the land in way that is in line with their evolving values.

Making the huge life change that Beate and Paul have made is not easy.  They have left behind family history, financial security, and all of the familiarity of their know world in exchange for the unknown world of a foreign land and an unfulfilled vision. They created a Vision, and now, step by step, they are taking the actions to make their vision a reality.


Many people carry a dream in their heart.  They have a desire to live a different life.  Maybe they have a calling that is in tune with their true self, or even a career that they wish they had. But a dream without further movement stays as illusive imagery floating around in the mind.

For a dream to have substance it needs to be formed into a “Vision.”  A vision is a dream that has been given form and definition.  In order to turn a dream into a vision that dream needs to be clarified in a concrete way.  This can be done visually, through writing, or even through talking about it.  One example of this is to create a “vision board.”  A vision board is simply a screen where you can project your dream onto a two dimensional surface.  You can create a vision board with a piece of cardboard that is mounted on the wall.  On this canvas you can put images, words or phrases that represent aspects of your vision. You can cut pictures from magazines, or words from newspaper headlines.  You can write phrases that help guide your vision.  In the end you have a product that helps focus your conscious and unconscious mind on your greater goal.

Once a vision is formed it can be changed over time, but in the meantime you have manifested your dream into reality, if only a representative reality.  To move from a representative reality into a lived reality takes action.  Some people find that even with a vision well defined it can still be overwhelming to see how to get to that end goal.  For most people, it is unrealistic to think that they will have the solution for how to attain their vision, but if they think about it they may be able to identify one or two or more things they need to do before their vision is achieved.  So, the next step is to write as many small actions that you need to take along the path to reaching your vision.  At first, these steps can be in a random order.  Maybe you  can write each thing you need to do on a sticky note and put it on a wall.  After you write as many steps down as you can, you can arrange them in the order that you think they need to happen.  To make things easier for yourself, you can now take each step you have written and break it down into even smaller steps.

When we have a dream, it is easy to either pass it off as something that will never happen or get stuck in the hope that it will manifest itself on its own.  There is a power in concentrating our mind on the dream by making it into a vision.  In doing so we become naturally oriented towards taking actions that will help make it a reality.  But if we go further and break down our vision into concrete actions – small manageable steps we can take to help manifest our vision – we are on our way to embracing the power we have to make our dream a reality.

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  1. Tareq Lafi says:

    February 7th, 2014 at 11:24 pm (#)

    I enjoyed reading your post. Its been an old habit of mine to have a white board that i write my dreams, visions and insights on it. For me a life-dream or a vision starts as a wish or a hope for something i yearn to do or manifest in my life to bring in a change. I write it down on the board and i keep envisioning it through the time when ever i passed by the board. The interesting thing is that sometimes more ideas comes through a sleep-dream and the more this dream is vivid the more it brings with it an emotional shift that removes the mental blockage of the improbability of the vision itself. Things that i have learned in the process of working on my visions are to get rid of the cultural habit of comparing the end goals with other existing end goals of other people visions. The shift came through when i totally scrapped any “end goals” that weren’t unique to my own visions only. This has released me and my vision from the invisible limiting boundaries to my ability of free imagination. I think that what make some one pursue a dream with passion is the deep realization that this vision and the outcomes are not parallel by anything else that existed except what is unique for you.

  2. Alva says:

    October 15th, 2016 at 4:16 pm (#)

    This is one awesome article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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