Counselling for anxiety covers a wide range of issues and symptoms. In general, we can describe the experience of anxiety as a kind of fear and that is marked by feelings of worry, uneasiness, and dread. When people suffer from anxiety they often have racing thoughts, difficulty sleeping, difficulty focusing, and are constantly worrying. Along with these patterns can come physical feelings like tension in different parts of the body, headaches, stomach problems such as nausea and diarrhea.

In addition to the general symptoms of anxiety described above, people who are anxious may also have panic attacks. They may have obsessive thoughts or be compulsive. People who are highly anxious may have addictions, and use alcohol, drugs, or even food as a way of trying to reduce their feelings of anxiety.

Ultimately, people who have high anxiety often end up feeling depressed. As they run out of inner resources to deal with anxiety, or an event happens that overwhelms their coping strategies, they can start to feel depressed as the mind, emotions and body shut down. Treatments for anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, but it is best to address anxiety issues before depression takes over.

As a counsellor who treats anxiety issues I can help you work on strategies for reducing anxiety. This often starts with changing anxiety-producing thought patterns and learning relaxation and meditation techniques. It also involves developing new patterns for coping with situations that cause stress and anxiety. Sometimes people who are anxious have developed patterns that stem from emotional wounds that began at an earlier time in their lives. In these cases, therapy involves healing the wounds that started the patterns. This is deeper work that includes releasing painful emotions that are locked up underneath the anxiety. And finally, if you want to find contentment and inner peace, I can help you access the source of spiritual peace that has meaning to your personal journey.

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