People often put off going to counselling to help their marriage or intimate relationship because they see going to counselling as a sign that they have failed.  In reality, couples counselling is a way to learn how to have a more effective relationship as much as it is a way to learn how to solve problems.

In our culture, we grow up with little training in how to have an effective intimate relationship, other than what we see in our parents.  Sometimes that can be a good model, but often it is a dysfunctional one.  Getting counselling for your marriage or relationship can be a way of building strength and intimacy as well as overcoming obstacles.

Some of the problems that bring people in for relationship counselling include: fighting, bad communication, parenting issues, sex drive differences, separation and divorce, anger, financial problems, and infidelity.  Relationship problems can also be sparked by one or both partners experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, sleep loss, panic, or job loss.

When couples have put off addressing their problems for a while, a gap can grow between them.  This leads to a loss of trust, which increases the distance and continues the downward spiral of pain in the relationship.  It can sometimes feel difficult to see a path that leads to the healing of the relationship.  If both partners are motivated to work towards reconnection, however, there is a high probability of success through marriage counselling.

In your busy lives, it can be hard for partners to find time to get together for an appointment.  With availability on Sundays and evenings in downtown Victoria, I can help you find the time to make your relationship more satisfying and loving.

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