A phobia is a distinct fear of an object or a situation that causes a person to avoid that object or situation. Common phobias are the fear of heights, the fear of flying in an airplane, and fears of certain animals like snakes, spiders, or mice. But there are all kinds of phobias that people can develop in their lives, like the fear of crowds, or of going to school, or even of sunlight.

Some people can have a phobia all their lives, or a phobia can start spontaneously. Sometimes we can trace a phobia back to the day or period when it started. People often come in for counselling for a phobia when it is beginning to interfere with the normal functioning of their life.

Many phobias can be reduced or eliminated through a gradual, systematic process of becoming more used to the cause of the fear. There are several ways to do this. Sometimes I will use hypnosis with a client to help them become less fearful, and sometimes I will accompany them as they slowly face the thing they fear. Part of the therapy will involve talking about the emotion that is associated with the feared thing, if there is any.

Counselling for a phobia is a straightforward process, and the results can be remarkable. You don’t have to suffer with your fear for the rest of your life.

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