While we get many blatant messages about sexuality through the mainstream media, these messages seem to have little to do with the real life experiences that most people have about their sexual selves.  The truth is that the way each of us experiences or does not experience our sexual selves is so subtle and different from each other, there is little use in generalizing, normalizing or abnormalizing any kind of sexual experience.

Seeking therapy for issues about your sexuality can be helpful if the way you experience your sexuality interferes with your well-being or your relationships.  You may not even want to change your sexual experience, but find better ways to live with it.

There are many issues of sexuality that can be explored through counselling.  Some of the things I work on with clients include:

  • Differences in sexual desire in partners
  • Performance anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Past sexual trauma
  • Low sexual desire
  • Pornography compulsion
  • Sexual identity
  • Sexual infidelity
  • Sexual pain

For some people, a vibrant sex life is very important to their personal well-being and to the harmony in their relationship.  If your sex life is important to you and you are not finding the pleasure or satisfaction that you desire or expect, I can help you explore and alter the psychological blocks that are keeping you from a fulfilling sexual experience.

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