Transitions in life can be difficult, but they are great opportunities for growth. There are many periods of transition in life: adolescence to adulthood, single to married, married to divorced, the birth of a child, children leaving home, leaving a job, getting a job, retirement, chronic illness, the death of a loved one…

In our culture, many of these transitions happen without occasion. But for every transition in life there is an adjustment to our sense of self. There is an opening that happens that allows us to grow and change. Some cultures mark these transitions with ritual, which helps people integrate the changes and grow, or move on. With the absence of community ritual, many people benefit from the help of a counsellor to guide them through their own process of change and adjustment.

You may feel like the change that is happening in your life is making you feel anxious unsure about the future. You may be excited about the change that is happening, but are unclear about the steps you need to take. As a counsellor, I truly enjoy working people who are in transition, because with life change there is the opportunity for an individual to look inside and discover new aspects of him or herself. Growth is a process of self-exploration and self-challenge. I will help you see yourself and your path more clearly, give you the support to take those steps that you may be unsure of, and reflect back to you your own strengths and abilities.

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